Apricot Mapping Service
Corporate HQ.

Mission Statement :

To explore all 4th dimensional realms
in peace and harmony
with all Beings.


The X3 Handbook is now available on KINDLE.
Optimised for Ipad and Ipad Mini, but readable on all Kindle devices
and all devices with a Kindle App.
V6 For Terran Conflict:
V7 For Albion Prelude : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B010VYG67A

Apricot Mapping Services to the X Universe.

Thankyou to those who have donated towards the host and domain renewal of my site.

This site is not supported in any way financially, except through the generosity of those who use it.

One of the reasons why I can spend so much time on X3 guides and mods,
is that I am currently unable to work for health reasons. This gives me time, but not money.

  If you have valued any of my work here, donations of any size, (whatever you will not miss), are gratefully accepted.
Even if you have only a dollar left in your paypal account, that dollar will be gratefully received.

Donations by Paypal to donations@circleofatlantis.com

It is not recommended that you send money by mail,
but if you have any monetary note that you wont miss,

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Please ensure that the note is not visible through the envelope, and address to :
Timothy Ellis, PO Box 243, Pacific Fair, Qld, 4218, Australia, and send by fastest airmail.

Please include your email address, so I can thank you.

Thankyou for reading this and bless you for considering helping me.

Timothy, aka apricotslice

Note : Thanks to your support, finally the Apricot Mapping Service has its own Domain !
Thankyou to those that helped.