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X3 Version 2.02 Alternative Start

Briefing Room : Apricot BigMother, Flagship of the Apricot Mapping Service Fleet.

Present, All AMS Managers and senior staff.
Briefing given by John Slice, CEO.

Gentlemen, its as bad as we feared.

All our primary assets are gone. A combination of Khaak capital ship incursions, Xenon infiltrations and Pirate attacks has eliminated all of our factories and most of the Mapping Service's ships.

Most of what remains was with us as we explored the outer regions and is here in this sector now. A single Buster from our defense fleets survived, and has docked here. Its damage has been repaired, but most of its equipment has not yet been replaced and it cannot be considered combat ready. A single Mercury freighter is in Argon Prime. It is undamaged but also has almost no equipment aboard and is defenseless. That ship must be retreived before it too is destroyed.

Our Headquarters is gone, as is all our defense networks. We need to rebuild, and rebuild quickly.

We have a carrier, a TL, 2 custom M6's, and 2 of the new Mule's. The fleet must be rebuilt. We still have the agreement to buy ships to our specifications from Argon shipyards, but not enough available funds to buy any. I recommend we find a way to make our own ships.

Each department will have a report on my desk tomorrow outlining its requirements for rebuilding and preliminary plans for getting there. We need to rebuild our mining and trading operations as soon as possible, and defenses that will protect them from any kind of attack. The only acceptable reason for our defenses being breached this time will be that the Argon have been totally destroyed. Nothing, I repeat, Nothing else will repeat what has just happened.

We will be self-sufficient, self sustaining and self-defended from this moment forwards.

I'm sending the Camel down to Empires Edge to begin trading, as we need income immediately. All other ships will move to where we decide to rebuild our mining operations as soon as that is identified.

I want plans and I want them quickly. Get to work people !

Apricotslice :

This is a save game for X3 version 2.02. It provides an alternative start to the game.

The game is Quickstart based. The starting Buster is in CloudBase SW, the starting Mercury is in Argon Prime.

The underlying assumption for this start is that the player had a substantial fleet and trading operation when X2 playing was stopped. As explained in the X3 manual, all stations have since been destroyed, but instead of all ships being destroyed, the player has managed to retain a modified M1, a modified TL, 2 modified M6's and 2 modified Discos, as a starting fleet. All ships are well fitted out. There is 10 million in credits available to spend.

Mission 1 has been completed. You have the option to continue with the main plot by contacting Noah at the Goner Temple nearby. The BalaGi missions should be available shortly.

I recommend you choose a name for your organisation, and rename your ships immediately. Choose a sector for a base of operations and begin to trade and mine. The Camel and the Gunbus are fitted with Trade Mk. 3, so one or both can begin to Sector Trade immediately. I use the Gunbus as my personal ship, but you can choose if you do or not. You will find all ships with OOS suitable guns, but all are vulnerable to IS attacks. You should review the cargo holds of all ships before doing anything else, and decide where you need to spend money to make the ships perform to your requirements.

Good luck :)

Requirements :

X3 patched to version 2.02 minimum.
Apricot Gunbus Mod V2 zip file, unzipped into X3 directory.        Download from : http://circleofatlantis.com/games/X3/gunbus.html.
<>X00.zip, unzipped into MyDocuments, Egosoft, X3, save, directory. Download from : http://circleofatlantis.com/games/X3/X00.zip<>.

For M6 ST/UT, you will need to delete the file setup.plugin.autotrade.pck from the scripts directory, which is replaced by an .xml file of the same name.