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The Answer is No

Is there interaction with Planets ?

Can an M6 still dock an M5 ?

Can I win the lottery ?

Is the game multiplayer ?

Is the game on-line ?

Can you dock ships in an M2 ?

Can you cap Khaak Capital ships ?

Are the khaak help full ?

Are Xenons intelligent ?

Is there a point to funeral director ships for a game that allows you to re-load ?

Is the auto-pilot reliable ?

Can you cap assasination mission ships ?

Can I dock TS/TP in my TL/M1 ?

Is getting my ship blown up a good thing ?

Is there an end to this game?

Is the plot all there is to do ?

Will a TL use a jump drive to deliver my station ?

Will ships homebased at a station use a jump drive to trade ?

Can I pull myself away from X3 ?

Will I get tired of X3 before X4/Xpansion ?

Do I have a life outside of the X Universe ?

Is there life outside the X Universe ?

Do Khaak capital ships use jumpgates ?

Are scripts the work of the dark side ?

Do player stations need secondary resources?

Do secondary resources affect factory production?

Are player and NPC stations identical?

Does EQ dock stock affect availability of M and L ships at shipyard?

Will Suzie ever stop messing about and get on that transport for ringo moon?

Can I join an EQ Dock or Trading Dock to a Complex ?

This is the OP only. The rest of the thread gets well and truely off the plot and quite funny in place, but is more forum oriented than Handbook. So read the rest on the forum.  http://forum2.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=1583995