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The De-Rank Mod
by Apricotslice

Apricot Headquarters.
Media release by John Slice, CEO.

Thankyou for attending what I expect to be a historic announcement.

We at the Apricot Mapping Service have watched the Races lose their grip on their own territories in the mounting threat of the Khaak, Xenon and Pirate attacks. At times, they seem powerless to protect even core sectors.

We have stood by and watch countless civilians and traders slaughtered by those that threaaten us, mainly due to restrictions on commerce that leaves those without "official standing" short of decent weapons and software. Unable to use them and trade them.

These outdated restrictions must go.

And I'm happy to announce, they have.

In negotiations with all Race governements, the Apricot Mapping Service has been able to convince them of the benefits of having  effectively armed and fitted merchant fleets and civilians.

As at this date, I am happy to announce that all rank restrictions on the purchase of all items, has ceased.

If you can dock there, you can buy what it sells. If you have the credits.

Thankyou all.

Download Mod : http://circleofatlantis.com/games/X3/de-rank_mod_v1.zip

Apricot Headquarters.
Media release by John Slice, CEO.

Hot on the heals of the removal of rank for purchases, I can now announce a further help to traders.

All the Races have agreed to increase the range of guns that rear turrents can use, and include up to bhept guns as standard options. This will give all traders an extra sting in their tail and help to keep our trader safer.


Download Mod : http://circleofatlantis.com/games/X3/de-rank-tail-sting_mod.zip

Instructions :

Unzip into your X3 directory. The mod will appear in the mods directory.

Start the X3 loader. Select the mod called de-rank_mod_v1.
Start the game.

The mod should be compatible with existing save games as long as you have not already used a mod in your save game.


This mod is NOT compatible with any other mod.

It is NOT compatible with EMP, as the file EMP uses is replaced by this mod.

Most other mods are expected to cause a conflict if run together as false patches. If conflict occurs, remove the other mods.


I had the idea to do this during 2006, but once v2 was announced as coming, I put it aside and then forgot about it.  I was reminded of it recently, and having a brain dead day today, decided to do it, since most of the work for this mod is so repetitive and mind dulling that alrady having a dull mind was a bonus.

All ships, stations (except docks), and products now have a rank so low that in order not to be able to buy a product, you would long since have been denied docking permission to get it anyway.

Esentially, if you can dock, and you have the credits, you can now buy.

This mod is mainly for those people who cannot spent long hours playing the game, and who find that amassing rank to buy things is both tedious and just not happening fast enough.

Its a way of getting key survival stuff (decent guns and software) as soon as you can afford to.

Key example is Fight Mk2. Essential to have for anyone who is a lousy shot, and yet its rank takes time to achieve, and its worse because you have to acheive it without the software that makes achieving it easier, eg. Fight Mk2. Now you can buy it immediately you have the cash.