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Goner Gatherer Mod
by Apricotslice

This mod is for those who dislike combat or have a pacifist outlook,
and prefer to play the game for the trading and other aspects it offers.

This mod deliberately restricts you to unarmed ships.
While very well shielded, you must be very careful where you go and what you do !

Go direct to Download

Location : Goner Temple, Cloudbase Southwest.

Ah. Brother Kalvin, come in, have a seat.

We have been discussing you of late, and until this morning we had no idea what to do with you.

As a Goner, you are quite hopeless ! While there is no doubt at all that you have complete faith, your ability to convert anyone to our faith is completely lacking. I'm not sure you even try hard. You seem to spend most of your time tinkering with our ships, and while crossing a Xenon sector successfully is no mean feat, its not exactly what we do here.

Most of us have given up on ever getting you to be a useful Goner.

However, this morning as we said, that changed. We know what use you are now, and we have a task for you brother.

As you know, the Apricot Mapping Service lent us the blueprints of some of their ships and you have sucessfully modified these to our requirements. Good work that by the way.

We have commissioned the building of 3 of these ships. Two of them are the new Gatherer class of M6, and the 3rd is a TL.

These ships are now yours. They are now waiting for you near the Temple.

Sakurato, we are entrusting you with a sacred duty. You will do what no Goner has done before.

In these days of increased pirate attacks, in the wake of the Khaak attacks that weakened the hold of the races have over their territory, our ships have become more vulnerable, our people dying more often in their attempts to spread our message.

Its becoming more and more difficult to replace these ships because donations to our cause have gone down as the costs of sector defense have dramatically risen.

We must now look to our own credit making endevours. And this is where you come in brother.

We want you to become our gatherer. Go forth and find ways of making money that do not involve violence. We know you have been talking about such schemes for years now, so the time for action is now.

Go forth and make the credits the Gonor cause now needs. You will pave the way for the Goner future.

Good luck brother !

                            Download Mod : http://circleofatlantis.com/games/X3/Goner_Gatherer_Mod_V1.zip

Instructions :

Unzip into your X3 directory. The mod will appear in the mods directory. Extra scripts will appear in the scripts directory.

X00.sav will appear in the X3 directory. Please manually copy it to your My Documents, Egosoft, X3, saves directory (or to wherever your save games are being kept if different).

10.cat and 10.dat will appear in the X3 mods directory. This contains an amended PHQ definition only. These need to be moved into the X3 directory. If you already have a set of '10' files (for example for EMP), then rename the 10.cat and 10.dat in mods to the next available number, and then manually update X3.

Start the X3 loader. Select the mod called Goner_Gatherer_v1. Start the game. Select Continue, and then the save game in position Zero.

The game will then begin in  Cloudbase Southwest near the Goner Temple.


This mod is NOT compatible with any other mod. Extensive changes are made to many 'types' directory files. As such, any mods such as emp, will be overwritten by this mod.


The save game bypases the Goner Witness alternate start, and places you in a TL ship in Cloudbase Southwest. In the docking bays, you will find 2 Gatherer ships and a Goner Ranger.

You are unable to buy any ships in this game. You are also unable to buy any guns.

You are a pacifist, and prohibited from using weapons.

All other features of the game are intact.

Suggested tactics :

Mk3 Traders.
Collect dropped wares and sell them. The bolder you are, the more you can collect !
Find abandonned ships and sell them.
Find abandonned ships and scrap them to build your own ships once you have a PHQ.
Build a trading empire and supply the universe all the non-violent products.
Finance your own custom built fleet.

This game is going to be a challenge. You are going to be a target, and you cant fight back. If you build stations, they also may be a target and you cant fight back. You can only repair your stations and ships, or rebuild them if destroyed.

To add more abandoned ships to the game, each time the game is started, 12 random ships will be created in random locations in the universe.