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Khaak Intruder Mod
by Apricotslice

Are you contantly frustrated by the lack of XI Missions ?
Are you complaining about the lack of Pirate, Khaak or Xenon activity in your game ?
Do you play the game for the Combat alone ?
Always wanted to remove a race from the game ?


You play as a Khaak warrior, flying a custom Intruder ship.
The combat begins immediately you leave your base sector, and continues until your dead or everyone else is.

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Apricot Mapping Service.
External Memo.
From : John Slice CEO
To : Ban Danna, Argon One.
Subject : Our Missing ships

Ban, you remember not long ago I notified you of several of our ships going missing ?

Well I think we have found out what happened to them, and the implications are worrying. One of our ships picked up a transmission that we have managed to decode, the origin is Khaak I'm afraid.

KzKKns r'kst my son. Your mission is go. The family have agreed to allow this as all are frustrated that the war with our invaders is going poorly. The familes argue with themselves over objectives and participation. Some send ships off to fight, none return. There is no co-ordination of effort, no strategy for victory in place. The enemy is hurt, but not fatally. Tactics are flawed and they will not see reason.

My son, infiltrate the enemy. Use their resources against them. Prey apon their ships while you build your fleet, then attack them with all your might and lay waste to their space.

I am sending you resources. The new Intruder class ship is ready. The Fighter has been upgraded to your requested specs.

On the assumption that this would go ahead, I sent infiltration teams to steal key assets from the enemy that will allow you to hide from them in clear view. Resources you cannot obtain from the enemy will be supplied with these assets. They will meet you at the rendevous point. You will have a secure base from which to build your assault force. Nearby, we have positioned stolen assets that will allow us to buy from you ships and material you seize from the enemy. This is wanted for analysis on the Homeworld, and some products are already considered special by some and are keenly saught. We have infiltrated the enemies banking system and will pay you in their 'credits', allowing you to benefit from their ignorance.

Be aware that all will be against you at all times.

It is unlikely that additional resources can be gotten to you, so be wise in your use of them.

Good Luck my son. Bring our enemy down !   

Ban, this is an unexpected development. We had a modified M1 and TL go missing as you know. Aboard the TL were 2 of BalaGi's new Headquarters facilities and a Shipyard. The implications are very disturbing.

I'll keep you posted if we find out more, but in the meantime, I am ordering more protection around our facilities and ships and I advise you to do the same with Argon space.

Good Luck to us all !


                            Download Mod : http://circleofatlantis.com/games/X3/Khaak_Intruder_Mod_V1.zip

Instructions :

Unzip into your X3 directory. The mod will appear in the mods directory. Extra scripts will appear in the scripts directory.

X00.sav will appear in the X3 directory. Please manually copy it to your My Documents, Egosoft, X3, saves directory (or to wherever your save games are being kept if different).

10.cat and 10.dat will appear in the X3 directory. This contains an amended PHQ definition only. If you already have a set of '10' files (for example for EMP), then unzip to another directory, rename 10.cat and 10.dat to the next available number, and then manually update X3.

Start the X3 loader. Select the mod called Khaak_Intruder_mod_v1. Start the game. Select Continue, and then the save game in position Zero.

The game will then begin in close proximity to your base.


This mod is NOT compatible with any other mod that introduces new ships to the game. It should work fine with EMP, but check that EMP is not 10.dat/cat and is not overwritten by this mod. If need be, reinstall EMP after this mod, or follow the directions above to rename the 10 files in this mod before updating X3.

Most other mods are expected to cause a conflict if run together as false patches. If conflict occurs, remove the other mods.


The save game bypases the Khaak Start in the normal game. You are safely to a non-race sector, you are flying a Khaak Intruder ship, and nearby are several other captured ships. You will find a HQ station nearby with the Ships ready to build. There is also another Khaak HQ that is your families trading fcility, that you can sell captured material to. There is also a Khaak Shipyard nearby that will buy capped ships from you.

Game aim : Build a fleet of Khaak Ships. When you have a big enough fleet, attack the enemies space and lay waste to everything in your path.

Game restrictions :

All races hate you on sight, except Yaki and Khaak.

You are unable to build factories.

Everything you need must come from raiding the enemy and captured ships. Money can only come from selling ships and selling what you pick up. Resources for building can only come from scrapping ships and what you pick up.

If your home sector is raided and the support stations destroyed, its game over.

Many of the games products are unavailable to you unless you capture some of the enemies shipyards, equipment docks and trading docks. To simulate capturing a station, you use the change race cheat option on the general menu (LV's cheat scripts originally but included in the bonus pack), to change the race of a shipyard, eq dock or trading dock to Khaak. Then you will be able to buy and use whatever it sells.

Added scripting :

Mk2 System Override Software by Cycrow.
Scrap Ships at HQ by eladan.
BeamDock by LV/Apricotslice (updated version of DockTL).

If you are using DockTL, please remove this script as Beam Dock uses the same command number and may cause a conflict. Beam Dock replaces DockTL.

Combat note :

If you love XI's, then this is for you. Even in lightly travelled sectors, the combat is constant. During testing, in Danna's Chance and Brennans Triumph, the ability to pick up dropped goods and safely collect capped ships was limited due to the constant need to fight. In heavier trafficed sectors, this will be very difficult. Its not a matter of clearing a Xenon sector and then collecting things with no enemy around, because the ships just keep on coming ! Let anything through and you waste the opportunity to cap, and capping is your source of building new ships.


Apricot Mapping Service.
External Memo.
From : John Slice CEO
To : Ban Danna, Argon One.
Subject : Home of Light

Ban, Home of Light is gone !

One of our ships was lucky to get out of the carnage. Terracorp headquarters and all the other stations were destroyed. 100's of ships destroyed too.

I regret that it was our missing ships. The M1 did the station destructions. The TL was seen picking up abanndonned ships.

A new Khaak ship was seen as well. It looks like a fighter from the outside but it hits like a M2, faster and more deadly than any KM3. Fortunately, it still only packs 3 guns or it would be a serious problem. All the same, the majority of the ships destroyed were killed by just this one ship.

Another interesting thing happened. The khaak collected all products left floating in space by destroyed ships, as well as every intact ship hull. They even captured the ejected pilots and took them away.

This is something incredably new on the part of the Khaak, who have never shown any interest in our technology and products before. As yet, we do not know why they have changed behaviour. But it does not bode well.


Apricot Mapping Service.
External Memo.
From : John Slice CEO
To : Ban Danna, Argon One.
Subject : Another Sector gone


Empires Edge is gone too. Same battlegroup, same tactics.


Apricot Mapping Service.
External Memo.
From : John Slice CEO
To : Ban Danna, Argon One.
Subject : Things getting worse.


Things are getting worse. I sent out some ships to see what going on, and they have reported back some startling deveolpments.

Elena's Fortune is gone too, and so is Cloudbase Southeast.

Whats more, the sectors the pilot's call Pirate Alley are also littered with destroyed stations. On a hunch, I sent a ship into Xenon 101 as well, and they report an empty sector.

Thats 12 sectors in less than 18 hours ! And 2 of them were race core sectors. And 1 a heavily defended Xenon sector.

There is one puzzelling aspect. In CBSE, there are still 2 stations. The EQ and the TD are still there, but their transponders show them to have been taken by the Khaak. The TD in Elena's Fortune has likewise been taken.

The khaak have never done this before either. At this point, all we have is wild speculation about whats going on. If Intelligence can come up with something, I hope you let me know asap.

We have a major threat here Bann. Whatever this new Khaak battlegroup is, it has got to be stopped before it has time to get stronger.


Apricot Mapping Service.
External Memo.
From : John Slice CEO
To : Ban Danna, Argon One.
Subject : More info


The Split lost Rhonkar's Clouds a short time ago.

We've also intercepted the following message.

Father, we are 23 hours in enemy space now. Intruder performs up to expectations. 43 Million credits worth of product deposited with your trading agent. This not includes ship building resources of which much is stockpiled already. 3 Intruders and 14 KM3+ built and outfitted. 14 sectors destroyed. 5 stations captured to provide future ship upgrades. 102 ships scrapped for resources. 1,033 ships destroyed personally not including the pesky drones. 51 stations destroyed. Enemy ranking of Warlord and Master Dealer. Sleep period follows. We have begun well I feel.   

Several implications are now apparent.

The khaak have a base in a sector we have not found yet. We will continue to look for it.

They are obviously building an upgraded version of the KM3, and have seem to have 4 of the Intruder class of ship that has been doing most of the damage to our shipping.

The capturing of stations is now revealed as a source for the Khaak of ship upgrade components. Why they were not able to supply their own is unknown, but we should take the opportunity to deny these stations for this purpose, and I urge the Argon to talk to the other races and send in assault teams to take back these stations or ships to destroy them.

It seems this has only just begun, and things are going to get worse unless the races can stand united.

I know you will do what you can to achieve this.