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The Newbies Guide
Advise from a SpaceBar.

A Newbie Pilot walks into the SpaceBar on the Argon Prime Trading Dock with a glazed look in his eye.

Lost Ark
Ah young pilot, so you come in here looking for a drink? No? Oh... new underwear? Right...

...You obviously have just found out how massive this place really is! EH BARKEEP, A COUPLE OF WHISKEYS! Lemme tell ya, if you think its gonna be easy creds out there... You've got learning to do.

Lemme tell ya this, don't go looking for a goal. Goals are things you make in life, you're not handed them on a plate. Don't expect someone to tell you what to do - that is your job.

Also start small - its ok to have a long term goal, but expecting to be able to fly a Destroyer - let alone own one - within days of your first entry from Planetside is rather foolish to put it at best.

You've got to make a name for yourself for that luxury, and even then you need the money to afford it! No, start small. Your path is something you decide.

Pirates are something you should avoid unless your confident enough to start a fight, or at least smart enough to run from one.

If you must start a fight, make it on small groups. Don't go and attack one of those stolen Nova's unless you know what you are doing, and keep your wits about you.

Needless to say its easier to stay safe. From here in Argon Prime, you can make it to Boron and Paranid space in relative safety - beware of the Paranid, they are a cocky race that should be taken down a peg or two.

If you stay legit, Argon and Boron space gives enough opputunities to give a young pilot such as you a good start in life. Remeber, the Argon hate the Paranid, and the Boron hate the Split, so attacking Split ships in boron space is a sure fire way of increasing your rep amongst the Fish, same with taking out those Paranid git's here in the Argon Federation.

I know what you thought when you first left that shipyard - "Christ I'm lost... now where?"

Problem solved, go and explore the Argon sectors, get a bearing on your surroundings - don't go any further east than Elena's Fortune, and even when your there its best to turn back west and head north via the Graveyard (Presidents End if you don't know).

This avoids Pirate space and several problems.

Dont go any further south than Cloudbase South West to begin with either, Paranid space is lying past the south gate there and you will miss the hospitality the Argon and the Goner Temple that is there supply you...

...Boron space, at least that north of here, is safe for trade.

Ah, money, you can't get anywhere in the Universe without it! Best way to earn money legit is to capture pirate ships and sell them off. Of course, your just starting out, so I'd practice on a paranid freighter or two until you get the idea - you can even keep one for your personal trades.

That would be a good plan.

If you turn to more, shall we say... shady routes, there is a Distillery in Herrons Nebula (just one gate north of here!) that sells to the local Trading Station. You can make a good bit of money doing that trade run, but avoid being scanned by the Argon Police, else you will either loose your profit... or your life. They are not picky.

Whatever you do, to begin with making money is a pain in the bastu. But the best way I find to start making it big comes when you can afford your first Frieghter. If you don't want to wait... Demeters are lovely ships... 

Once you have your TS class frieghter, start doing trade routes - sillicon always sells well in Argon space, as does BoGas, which also sells extremely well with the Fish. Ok, the Boron look more like squids but Fish does them justice.

Once you have enough money in the bank, try entering the world of Mining to begin with, word is there are some mighty fine 'roids in orebelt that are well worth using. Of course these take money to set up, but set it to buy energy high, sell sillicon low with a small profit margin and it'll produce long enough for you to get some more ships to buy and sell for it.

Also don't forget to transfer funds, else it'll be nothing except a 200 megaton Paperweight.

Now, I'm out of whiskey, and I aint buying seconds, I've got an Empire to run.

G’Day mate ! Smile

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you look like someone who’s just finished a few rounds in a simulator and been thrust straight into the cockpit of a fighter and been given orders to go engage the enemy. And you cant even figure out where the good guys are ?

Am I right ?

And so here you are in this bar getting a bracer before rushing off to put your life on the line.

Am I right or am I right ? I knew it, you have greenhorn written all over your face. Here’s a towel mate, wipe it off before anyone else sees it Smile

Well, you are lucky you met me. I’m full of it, and you need it. Information mate, what else did you think I meant ? Sheesh. Working for the Apricot Mapping Service, I’ve been everywhere man, been there and got the t-shirt.

So, you just got orders from god-high Ban Danna himself.

Ok, first thing to do is let em wait.

If you havent upgraded your software yet, theres an upgrade to 1.4 available. Just register here, download and install.

You have a Mercury freighter sitting out in space doing nothing except being vulnerable. Park it. For mine, the Argon Prime Equipment Dock or Shipyard are the safest for now. But keep in mind that stations have a habit of disappearing these days taking your ships with them. I’m not sure you noticed, buts its not a nice place out there these days. So park it somewhere safe.

Hey, I’m not here to tell you how to pilot your ship, pal. There are some things you need to work out for yourself.

Next, park your Buster at the Equipment dock, and use some of those credits they gave you up front to get maximum speed and rudder upgrades. You need ‘em, might just save your life.

Next, when your in space again, hit the k button twice, so the guns are set to auto-aim. This means that when you line up to shoot someone, the guns will correct for your lousy aiming and a few more shots will actually hit.

The first mission is in the next sector. The Argon military bean counters are so lousy I bet they didn’t even give you a nav map of Argon sectors did they ? *sigh*.

Ok, so....On your nav map (sheesh, press dot), you will see in the list something called the South Gate. The gates are how we navigate between sectors and each one leads to a particular place. Don’t hassle it, you will get the hang of it rapidly.

Down arrow until you have the South Gate highlighted and press ‘t’ to target the gate. Don’t shoot it !

Now hit dot again or escape, and then press the u key to engage your autopilot. The ship will now fly to the gate at maximum speed and will perform the jump through it.

When you come out the other side, you will be in the sector called Home of Light. Your ship will target the Flight Leader of your patrol for you (the one and only time it will do this mind you), so autopilot over to him. When you get close, the mission will start. Just keep following him.

At some point, you will be attacked by Khaak. These will show up as little red dots and the object of the exercise is to kill them before they kill you. As soon as you see them, kill the autopilot and go get ‘em. Good luck pal, your going to need it Smile

Assuming you survive your first mission, you will find yourself in Cloudbase SouthWest.

Dock at the Goner Temple. They have a few things you need. Jumpdrive and transporter are useful items, but you cant afford them now. But remember they are here for later on.

What you do need now is Salvage Insurance. Buy at least 10.

The X universe is a dangerous place full of unseen hazzards and random glitches. You can die in the wink of an eye for no apparent reason. If a pirate mine doesn’t get you, the asteroid belts will. And sad to say, the electronics in your ship are subject to random malfunctions, and about 1 in 50 docking operations will splat your sorry arse into the station instead of parking you.

By the way, never jump into a gate and then engage the autopilot to go back through the same gate without putting in some distance first. It will quite happily splat you against the inside wall of the gate and send your wreckage through the gate instead.

That’s why we save. So you can resurrect yourself and try again. If you don’t save, you start again. If you saved a long time ago, you lose everything you did since then.

So, SAVE OFTEN. Cant emphasize that enough. Every time you do something you don’t want to have to do again, dock. An Autosave happens every time you dock, but these are overwritten every 3 dock/saves. Manual save as well. This gives you a choice of 20 save points to go back to if you really have cocked something up badly and need to go back further than the last save.

As you save, remember to use the next save position or you will keep overwriting the same one. When you get to position 19, go back and overwrite position 1.

When your in space, you can only save if you have Salvage Insurance. There are times when this is essential, so buy some now.

Complete a mission ? Save. Capture another ship ? Save. Survived a particularly nasty situation ? Save. Save every time you change sector, and save yourself the bother of having to redo it sometime. About to take on something tricky ? Save first, do it, then save after.

Determine for yourself how much you are prepared to redo if necessary and save at that point. And for heavens sake save immediately you do something that may not happen again if you have to reload and do it again, especially anything random that happens. You will work these out as you go.

Save Save Save.

If your under fire do NOT fire missles! Pretty much everything but Mosquito has a blast radius.

Bigger is not always better with guns... A Nova with 8xAIRE's can keep going, and going, and going. If you have ever been cought in a dogfight with 6+ you will appreciate this. Also tends to cause a LOT deaths if they launch missles since they are under a continious rain of fire, see above... Better them then you.

No one seems to mention it but you can swap out guns in combat, not just groups but type, i.e. swap out those cap-matic AIRE's for AHEPT's when you discover that falcon has the dreaded PSG. Unless, of course, your using a joystick...

And just what does that have to do with the price of spacefuel in Getsu Fune? I use keyboard, mouse AND joystick, all for different tasks. Besides, you can't manuever your ship with your mouse while in cursor mode anyway. But I can move my joystick with the left hand while clicking with the mouse with my right. So don't be giving those poor newbies false impressions. They have enough to worry about as it is. Smile

The best ship in the game is the one you're happiest flying.
If you're a racing driver or fighter pilot in real life, you'll probably do fine in a discoverer. For the rest of us mere mortals something with bigger shields is probably more appropriate.

I cant figure out how to send one ship to some destination then to leave and control my other ship.

Assuming you're not physically in the freighter, here's what you do from inside a station. Choose the 'Station' option from the main icon bar at the bottom. Then choose ships. Both your ships should be listed if they're both docked at the same station. Choose the freighter, then cursor down the menu that pops up to 'Command Console'. There, you'll have all the options to control that ship remotely, depending on the software installed. Even the basic Navigation menu should have sufficient commands for what you need.

You do something similar if the freighter is docked at another station. You just need to access that station's menu system first, and choose 'landed ships' to gain access to yours. If in space, then access your freighter through the sector map list. One final way to access all your ships is to use the Property Menu with the 'r' key.

Just remember, to control your remote ships, you always need to access that ship's 'Command Console'. Good Luck.

Carl Sumner
Or, if you are in space, hit "R" for owned ships and stations. Then select the line with that ship and hit enter, then select Command menu. You can give commands, from anywhere, to any of your ships or stations.

Note that, if you are in a ship and you give it a command and then jump out to go to one of your other ships, the command in the first ship is cancelled and it stops. Transfer first, and then give the command remotely to the first ship.

The flashing lights at the gates; Ya, they are traffic control.
Not that pilots follow the rules. But if you wish to ,at least lower your chances of running into a very large ship when you exit a gate.
Follow the traffic sig's.

Finding that an "Orca" is entering a gate your exiting,
Kind-a lookes like this >  <
Evan more fun entering into a nebula sector.

Your useually looking down,checking the >What to do next list < when this happens.

if you have a glazed look i say lay off the spacefuel and start killing stuff

Dont start killing stuff til you know how to stay alive yourself. Nothing worse than seeing a newbie blown to dust because they bit off more than they could chew somewhere they shouldnta gone in a ship they should have done some upgrading to before getting all gungho and triggerhappy.

Btw, if you cant find a gate, follow the ships, they will lead you to it. If you have a jump drive, set a goto point near where you think the gate should be, will pop your ship out of the very gate you are trying to find.

How do I set a homebase ? Damn computer wont take one.

You have to own a station or carrier to set a homebase. For a fighter, either an M1 or a TL. For a freighter, only a station. There is no point in setting a homebase on your personal ship anyway, so dont bother. The homebase is only used by your freighters for station supply and selling, and by fighters for protecting their base.

I was looking at new ships, but could not find out any details about them.

Huh, yeah, confusing that is. You highlight which ship your looking at, and then press the I key. All its specs then pop up.

I also noticed at the equipment dock that no cargo extensions were available. Surely they keep plenty of stocks of those on hand ?

Also confusing. They do have stocks on hand. But if your ship is fully maxed out with cargo space, the sales screen shows that there are no more available instead of telling you your an idiot for not knowing the specs of your own ship !

Is the lottery worth entering ? I never seem to win.

Haha, thats a joke that one. Never heard of anyone winning the BBS lotteries. I think they are scams myself, but never been able to prove it. I have heard there are other lotteries offered by the Modding Community that do pay out however.

I saw a UFO on the way over here. Are they worth following ?

Did you now ? No-one knows who they are or where they go, but following them can be beneficial, as they seem to fly all over, so if you ahvent been all over yet, its one way of getting there. If you have the time to dawdle along doing nothing that is. It'll give you frequent flyer miles I guess. hahaha. Just dont kill one. The Goners do not like it. But no-one knows why.

Someone said something about video feeds from satelites. Didnt make any sense at the time.

Here's how it works. Deploy an advanced satellite. Then bring up the sector map. Now hit 'k'. This brings up the video feed. It will be at the same scale as the sector map. Using the Home/End keys, you can zoom in and out. And using the numberpad keys, you can move the cursor around, which changes the center of the zoomed video feed. The insert key works to show the vertical as well. This can actually be quite handy when placing factories, because it will show up close and personal how they're oriented before you actually deploy them.

Freind of mine has a jumpdrive but it never lets him jump. Any idea what the problem is ? The only time he did get a jump happening, my freind also had trouble getting his wingmen to follow him. Whats the problem there ?

There are two ways of triggering the jumpdrive. By hotkey, or by the command console. Hotkey activation will jump only your ship. Command console activation will jump your ship and any ship that is protecting it or following it, assuming they have sufficient ecells on board themselves to make the jump.

Jumpdrives use ecells to power them. If your not carrying any, it wont work. So before you go somewhere, make sure you have enough ecells to get you there, AND get you out of there if you jump into a hostile area. Dont jump into a Xenon or Khaak sector without enough ecells to jump out again, unless your planning a quick death for yourself. Some pirate sectors too. Got to be careful, and always plan ahead. Its a nasty universe out there for the unprepared.

Do yourself a favour and dont get advise from your freind.

Are you alright ? You dont look so good.

The newbie pilot's eyes unfocus and he slowly slides off his chair on to the floor.

Was it something we said ?