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Pirate Horror Mod
by Apricotslice

Are you contantly frustrated by the lack of XI Missions ?
Are you complaining about the lack of Pirate, Khaak or Xenon activity in your game ?
Do you play the game for the Combat alone ?
Always wanted to remove a race from the game ?


You play as an Independent Pirate, flying a stolen Gunbus.
The combat begins immediately, and continues until your dead or everyone else is.

Go direct to Download

Apricot Mapping Service.
External Memo.
From : John Slice CEO
To : Ban Danna, Argon One.
Subject :  Piracy


We had blueprints of all our custom ships stolen yesterday, along with a Masterdon with a Gunbus, 2 of BalaGi's Headquarters and a Teladi Shipyard on board.

We suspect a pirate group is responsible, and will make all attempts to get our ships and the blueprints back.

However, in the meantime, the missing ships could cause a lot of damage in Pirate hands, so please alert Argon forces to be on the look out for them.


                            Download Mod : http://circleofatlantis.com/games/X3/Pirate_Horror_Mod_V1.zip

Instructions :

Unzip into your X3 directory. The mod will appear in the mods directory. Extra scripts will appear in the scripts directory.

X00.sav will appear in the X3 directory. Please manually copy it to your My Documents, Egosoft, X3, saves directory (or to wherever your save games are being kept if different).

10.cat and 10.dat will appear in the mod directory. This contains an amended PHQ definition only. If you already have a set of '10' files (for example for EMP), then unzip to another directory, rename 10.cat and 10.dat to the next available number, and then manually update X3. Move into the X3 directory before starting the game.

Start the X3 loader. Select the mod called Pirate_Horror_Mod_v1. Start the game. Select Continue, and then the save game in position Zero.

The game will then begin in close proximity to your base.


This mod is NOT compatible with any other mod that introduces new ships to the game. It should work fine with EMP, but check that EMP is not 10.dat/cat and is not overwritten by this mod. If need be, reinstall EMP after this mod, or follow the directions above to rename the 10 files in this mod before updating X3.

Most other mods are expected to cause a conflict if run together as false patches. If conflict occurs, remove the other mods.

If you already have the Gunbus mod installed, this mod will overwrite the Gunbus mod, leaving any existing ships as they were, but slightly renamed, with a couple of minor changes you may not notice. The shipyards will still carry the ships, but they will give you a giggle when you see the main effect :)


The save game bypases the "Enemy of the State" alternative start in the normal game.

You are safely to a non-race sector, you are flying a Pirate Masterdon TL with a Pirate Gunbus docked internally. You will find your HQ nearby with a set of captured Blueprints for new Pirate ships, ready for building. There is also another Pirate (freindly) HQ that is guarenteed trading facility for you nearby, that you can sell captured material to. It also stocks a lot of product, but once gone, these will not be replaced. There is also a Pirate (freindly) Shipyard nearby that will buy capped ships from you. And the Pirate Base in that sector is guarenteed freindly to you as well. Between them, you should be self-sufficient.

Game aim :  Become the biggest bad-ass in the Universe.

Game restrictions :

All races hate you on sight, except Yaki and some Pirates. Your pirate brethren vary as to if they think your neutral to them or if they hate you on sight seeing you as poaching their space. You will have to decide if you shoot at them or not. If you do, then you will risk turning all pirates against you as well.

You have enough credits on you to buy lunch. So before you can do anything, you must start capping ships and collecting loot.

You are can only build factories, if you can capture a TL with them on board, capture a shipyard, or capture a station itself.

Everything you need must come from raiding the races and captured ships. Money can only come from selling ships and selling what you pick up. Resources for building can only come from scrapping ships and what you pick up. Trading as such, will only happen if you can keep the rest of the pirates on side with you.

If your home sector is raided and the support stations destroyed, its game over, or at the least, game got much harder. This will only happen if you have a race response script active in your game as well. (But adding one will certainly liven things up even more).

Oh, btw, theres a battle going on around you at the start. Different factions of pirates, some traders and you, are all mixed up in a bit of a furball. There is some nice loot in space around you already if you want to go get it immediately.

Added scripting :

Mk2 System Override Software by Cycrow.
Scrap Ships at HQ by eladan.
BeamDock by LV/Apricotslice (updated version of DockTL).
Unified Capture by Brand-X.

If you are using DockTL, please remove this script as Beam Dock uses the same command number and may cause a conflict. Beam Dock replaces DockTL.

Combat note :

If you love XI's, then this is for you. Even in lightly travelled sectors, the combat is constant. During testing, in Rolk's Fate, the ability to pick up dropped goods and safely collect capped ships was limited due to the constant need to fight. In heavier trafficed sectors, this will be very difficult. Its not a matter of clearing a Xenon sector and then collecting things with no enemy around, because the ships just keep on coming ! Let anything through and you waste the opportunity to cap, and capping is your source of building new ships.


A note about the name of the mod.

Whenever I think of pirates, my mind goes to Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzance" comic operatta.

In one place, the lyrics are "a Pirate,       Horror !".

Stuck in mind from an early age and so used for the name of the mod :)