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Apricot Salvage Mod
by Apricotslice

In the Office of John Slice, CEO, Apricot Mapping Service

Ah, pilot, come in, sit down.

I have all your scores here in front of me, and I was at a loss what to do with you. You are an average pilot, useless marksman, overuse the auto pilot, tend to damage ships for no particular reason, useless mechanic, should I go on ? Hmmmm, no.

The question was what to do with you.

Well, that answer came this morning on my way to work. Your going to clean this universe up !

No, wipe that smirk off your face, it doesnt mean your going to be sheriff. I mean your going to be a janitor to the whole universe and clean up all the debris, derelict ships, containers and whatnot that are left lying around all over the place.

I'm sick to death of having all this debris cluttering up the space ways and making coming to work a hazard instead of a joy. Your going to clean it up for me !

We've outfitted a Disco for you with some pretty nifty software.

Your ship will be updated with the locations of all known derelict ships, and a new command has been added to take you right there so you can salvage the ship. Its up to you what you do with them, but get them off the space lanes !

You have also been given software to help you claim without leaving your ship, up to a distance of 5km.

Also, you have been entrusted with the software to automate a ship into clearing the debris in the asteroid fields. And the new advance in HQ software that allows stations to be set up within the HQ instead of complexing them.

Ok pilot, you have a lot of work to do, get out there and do it !


Download : http://circleofatlantis.com/games/X3/Apricot_Salvage_Mod_v11.spk

Install using Cycrows X Plugin Manager.
Uses 10cat/10.dat.
Copy the 00.save file in the X3 directory to your save file directory.


Apricot Salvage Mod.

Task 1 : Collect Derelict Ships.

The X universe is a very dangerous place. But one of its oddities is that only ships being fired apon by the player will be abandonned by their pilot. This just isnt real. In reality, all sorts of reasons would have all sorts of pilots abandonning ship on a constant basis. So with this in mind, .....

Every time the game is started, 12 derelict ships will be created in random locations with random damage and fittings. This can be altered by either copying the main setup script in the script editor a few more times to get more, or deleting a few to get less - 1 ship per script.

A new command is on the Nav menu to jump your ship to a random derelict ship. Apricot Mapping Service makes no warranty about soiled underwear should you find yourself in a sea of red dots all of a sudden. The command is rinky dink, and does not check for the existance of a jumpdrive or enough ecells. If you dont have them, you dont go anywhere, simple as that. Where you go, is entirely random ! What you do when you get there is your problem.

Task 2 : Asteroid Debris Clearing.

Since 1.4, the universe has been filled with debris that makes flying around sectors dangerous.

So your job is to assign ships to clear the debris and sell it or stockpile it.

Task 3 : Container Clearing.

There is garbage being dropped all over the universe by careless ships that manage to get themselves destroyed through sheer stupidity. Make sure it all gets collected up and disposed of efficiently.

Scripts Included :

Apricot Beamdock (Apricot's private version)
Apricot Jump to Derelict Ship
Apricot mess up the universe with derelict ships
Cycrow System Override Software Mk2
Auto Debris Harvestor v2.0 by Nividium
Install Station to PHQ by MJALowe

Mod Included :

PHQ with 50 Mil in storage space, but no blueprints.

Save Included :


Start Position :

The save game bypasses the Aspiring Explorer Start, putting you in a Disco in CBSE, with a few extra goodies in the cargo hold. You are just 1 jump away from your first salvage operation.