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X3 Handbook v5

For X3TC and X3R

Version 5 of the X3 Handbook is now Complete and ready for download.

398 A4 pdf pages in a file size of approx. 7mb,  downloaded in zip file.

Download :


Part One : Welcome to the X Universe.                                              

    * Introduction
    * Introduction to X3R Version 2
    * Introduction to Terran Conflict
    * The Ultimate X resource and guides list, compiled by Graphil
    * The X3R Universe Map by Nicholas Kabourakis
    * The X3TC Universe Map by Nicholas Kabourakis
    * The X3TCv2 Universe Map by Nicholas Kabourakis
    * X3TC Game Starts, by supakillaii
    * Your in-game Entity, by Apricotslice
    * Apricot Mapping Service Guide to starting off in X3 (with TC update)
    * What do all those Three Letter Acronyms and abbreviations mean? by CBJ
    * The Ranking System Chart, by Fud
    * The Newbies Guide, Advise from a SpaceBar

Part Two : The Plot.

    * About the TC Plots, by Carlo the Curious
    * General Mission Guidance for TC, by Apricotslice
    * TC Plot Walkthrough, by Apricotslice
    * Giskard's X3R Plot Guide
    * Simon Moon's X3: Reunion Complete Walkthrough
    * Bala Gi Missions Walkthrough, by Giskard

Part Three : Gameplay.

    * The Long Awaited Player Headquarters and other X3R Version 2 Additions
          o Version 2 Additions, from the X3R v2 Readme
          o Player Headquarters, from the X3R v2 Readme
          o New 'Hidden' Stuff, by Jakesnake5
          o Using the Player HQ, by Giskard
    * The Bonus Pack for X3R, from the Readme
    * Chip's X3 Tutorial
    * Giskard's X3 Players Guide
    * A NOOBS GUIDE FOR MONEY and Other Things by Relief
    * Apocholypse's X3 Guide, A Complete Guide to Everything
    * Giskard's X3 Combat: The Right Role
    * The New X3Rv2 Ships, by Giskard
    * The New X3TC Ships, by Apricotslice
    * Giskard's X3 Economy Guide
          o Some advanced Complex Building tips added by Apricotslice
    * Giskard's X3 Trading Networks
    * Giskard's X3 Strategy Guide
    * esd's X² guide to loops
    * esd's Guide to MORT
    * Storm666's X3: Complex’s and Consumption: Understanding the requirements
    * A Little Guide to Capital Ships by teladianium
    * WillWilk's A Brief guide to Sector and Universe traders
    * Krusade's X3 Combat Guide
    * Tsar_of_Cows', The Profit Guild Guide to Opportunities for profitssss
    * "Capping" By Apricotslice
    * Game Tool : Merroc's Complex Calculator
    * Finding Gates, by Andaius
    * Station Node List, by spcutler
    * How to Use the Tractor Beam by RavenIII
    * Game Tool : LordSuch's Sector Planner
    * Ryuujin's How to make sexier complexes
    * Apricot Software Guide by Apricotslice
    * Moving a Mk.3 trader Pilot by softweir
    * X3 Frustrations and how to get around them by Apricotslice
    * X3: Corvette Combat Guide by RavenIII
    * The X3R Missile Guide, by teladianium
    * A Noobs Guide to Scavenging in X3 by teladianium
    * How to cap a Xenon LX by teladianium
    * Fight. Trade. Build. Think. An Explanation of Each, God, and More in X, by Milo Rambaldi
    * Boarding mini-guide, by Goldfinch
    * Aldrin - Complete Station List With Coordinates, by Painman
    * Game Tools : The TC Excel Spreadsheets
    * List of Software and Corresponding Ship Commands for TC, by clevider
    * Tenlar's Complete Qualitative Guide to Laser Weapons and Battle Tactics, by Tenlar Scarflame

Part Four : Modifying the Game.

    * Introduction
    * MSCI Handbook
    * Game Tool : doubleshadow's X3 Editor and ModManager
    * Activating The Script and Galaxy Editors by Burianek
    * Game Tool : Plugin Manager, by Cycrow
    * TC Plugin Manager Issues
    * Index of Modding Guides for X3TC
    * Index of Modding Guides for X3
    * Index of Modding Guides for X2
    * Index of Community Scripts / Mods for X3TC
    * Index of Community Scripts / Mods for X3R
    * Index of Community Scripts / Mods for X2
    * Modding 101 by Apricotslice
    * Documentation of Gamestarts, by Apricotslice
    * X3 Unbalanced ! by Apricotslice (with TC update)
    * Apricot Mapping Service Mod for TC, by Apricotslice
    * Modular Complexes for TC, by Gazz
    * Alternate HUB Plots, by Apricotslice
    * PHQ for TC Mods
    * Apricot Merge Mod for TC, by Apricotslice
    * Transcend II Mod for TC, by Observe
    * Vanilla Malt Gamestarts, by Snowship
    * XTended-Mod (XTM) for X3R, by the XTM team
    * DDRS Mod for X3R, by DeadlyDa and RedSpot
    * Apricot Gunbus and Camel M6 Heavy Transports Mod for X3R by Apricotslice
    * The De-Rank Mod for X3R by Apricotslice

Part Five : Technical Issues.

    * Introduction
    * Reporting a possible Bug or Error by The_Abyss
    * System Requirements and Performance for X³: Terran Conflict by CBJ
    * System requirements for X³ - is my PC good enough? by CBJ
    * esd's Tips'n'tricks to get more FPS
    * Problems installing the US version? Read This ! by CBJ

Part Six : Forum Humour, Creative Play Guides and the Great Threads.

    * Forum Signatures and other one liners
    * Myths and Legends of the X Universe
    * Thread : Forget Khaak and Xenon, the wife is the biggest threat to my Empire
    * Thread : Will somebody please fix the Auto-Pillok !!!!
    * Thread : The Answer is NO
    * Thread : Apricotslice; somthing want ,Say You by Tracker001
    * X3 for Pacifists by Apricotslice
    * The X3 Quotes (from the Game text file)
    * Squiddy McSquids possibly short life, by NUKLEAR-SLUG
    * Wanton use of nukes and the path to galactic conquest!, by NUKLEAR-SLUG
    * A Slice of X - TC Walkthrough and Guide, by Apricotslice

Additions for Version 5 :
    * New Home Plot Walkthrough, by Spychotic

    * False Patches, by EmpororJon
    * All Plots Complete, by dillpickle
    * Plots Reset, by Ketraar
    * Enable Plots in Custom Start, by Ketraar
   * Thread : Words of Wisdom


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