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Mod Descriptions

Apricot Mapping Service
Apricot Merge Mod
Xenon Incursion Supertree

Extended PHQ
Rename Hub Sector

       Script Descriptions

ST/UT for most ship types
Jump to Derelict
Apricot Claim
Salvage Pack
...Apricot Claim w/ Beam in
...Jump to Derelict
...Cbeam Turbo version
...12 Abandonned ships
...NPCBail by ThisisHarsh
...Strip Ship
...Dump all ships into space
Create Abandonned Ships
PHQ and MO in shipyards
Blueprint Cheat

Mission Director Descriptions

TC Very Easy Hub Plot
TC Medium Hub Plot
TC Hard Hub Plot

Walk Throughs

XTC: A Slice of X (Full)
XTC: A Slice of X (Basic)
XAP: Basic Plot Outline

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X3 Handbook
Starting Off in X3 or TC
Software Guide
Capping Guide
Modding 101 Guide
The Answer is NO !
Player HQ & X3 V2 Additions
X3 Frustrations

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X3 Bugs and Issues List
Complex Building Tips
X3 Unbalanced Rant
X3 for Pacifists
X3 The Rebuild
Advise from a Spacebar
X3 Quotes
My Devnet Ideas

Documentation Threads

Game Starts Files
AP Steam Patch Docn.

Forum Threads

Fix the AutoPillok !
Fleet Discussion
The Biggest Threat to X3
The Bragging Thread
Dont ! and other stupid mistakes


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